Is Dr. Jordan Peterson a Christian?

Yes. Merriam Webster dictionary defines ‘Christian’ as “one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ”. It is the belief in the teachings not the historicalness, the resurrection, or the miracles that makes one a Christian. Dr. Jordan Peterson often quotes Jesus, exhibits a reverence for the teachings of Jesus, and said, “The underlying mythological and archetypal ideas in Christianity are really good ideas that people should follow.” So, he obviously believes in the teachings of Jesus and is therefore a Christian.

That being said there are types of Christian that do require certain beliefs that he probably doesn’t hold. Catholicism for example would consider him a heretic, but all protestant denominations are considered heretics by Catholics anyway. Methodist churches also require professing belief through a creed that probably wouldn’t be compatible with what I gather Dr. Jordan Peterson believes. There are Christian denominations that are more flexible and inclusive that indeed are compatible with what he appears to believe.

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