Quick Comparison between Proto/Symbolic Christianity and Mainstream Christianity

At this point you’re probably wondering what this has in common with mainstream Christianity. Well quite a lot actually:

1) The existence of the God of Abraham,

2) The existence of the Trinity,

3) Taking the Bible seriously,

4) Accepting Jesus as Messiah,

5) Appreciative in the Messianic mission in part was to be the sacrifice for humanity’s sins,

6) Understanding of why Jesus’ teachings are sound guidance to ethical behavior,

7) Jesus being the Son of God (as are we all),

8) Everyone being children of God (part of Society),

9) Humanity being in the image of God (2 ways actually),

10) Realization of that we’re all capable of great good but also horrific evil.

There’s more but I’m going to call that the top 10 and leave it at that.


And the major schisms:

1) The personification of God in the Bible is a literary device,

2) God’s only consciousness is our collective consciousness (Society),

3) Miracles are the result of the laws of physics not in exception to them,

4) The actual (in reality) resurrection of Christ not necessary (in complete disagreement with Paul),

5) Spirit not a disembodied persona but merely the impact of one’s life on society,

6) Belief in Scriptural (OT) heaven and hell not Catholicism constructed heaven and hell, 7) Recognition of Bible being a construct of the Catholic Church,

8) Gospel of John written with a political agenda as priority,

9) Recognition that “Paul” hijacked Christianity,

10) Almost all prophesies have been fulfilled such that there’s nothing to be waiting on like a 2nd coming or “rapture” (LOL).

Again, I could go on but I’m calling it top 10 and stopping it there.

I’ll be going over a lot of these in detail in the future. I just wanted to give a bit of an overview of the similarities and differences.

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