Welcome to Symtheism

This blog intends to expose the false dichotomy between faith based theism and reason based atheism while proposing the alternative of reason based theism (Symbolic Theism) generally or more specifically an objective approach to Christianity with no leaps of faith required. Fundamentally atheism gets the right answers to the wrong questions. Science now confirms truths within the Bible that answer the right questions such as: What is God? What is my relationship to God? Where do morals come from? What is the best approach to ethical behavior? And of course many many more. An intellectually honest examination informed by physics, evolutionary psychology, literature, and religion leads to Proto-Christianity or Symbolic Christianity as the most rational and defendable philosophy for westerners.

After many thousands of hours studying engineering, biology, and religion the eventual conclusion on this philosophy was intended to be for my own benefit alone; then I read an interview with Stephen Hawking in which he says [paraphrasing]: “God didn’t create the universe, the Laws of Physics did”, I literally laughed out loud but then realized how tragic it was that neither he nor most other people got the joke. Hopefully, after the first few posts the joke will be obvious to anyone who decides to take this particular red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

This no leaps of faith required Christianity will hopefully assist those that wish to be Christians but struggle with taking things on faith. This group is the reason I’m writing this. I want them to know that they can be a Christian without betraying their reason and rationality. Sure, there are differences between this and modern Christian denominations but there are differences between all modern denominations anyway, that’s why there are denominations. Early Christianity was incredibly diverse in thought and there’s nothing written in stone that requires one to believe in X, Y, and Z to be a “real” Christian. If you’re one of this group welcome to the wonderland where the rational and religious coexist in harmony.

I’ve perceived somewhat of a split in the atheist community between the more post-modernist types and the enlightenment values types. I believe Proto-Christianity and Symbolic Christianity compliments the enlightenment values well and may be more palatable to this sector of the populace than the mainstream faithful Christianity commonly encountered. While I have no illusions of reaching the post-modernists, the enlightenment values atheists that thoughtfully consider this philosophy will hopefully at least gain an appreciation of Christianity if not its modern manifestations then at least what it could be and arguably was in some groups prior to Paul’s influence.

For those that are Christians by faith, I don’t recommend reading any further; be thankful that you can proceed on faith. I only ask that if you’re a fundamentalist please 1) stop insisting on strictly literal interpretations of Scripture being the only “true” interpretation, 2) prioritize Jesus’ teachings over Paul’s, and 3) judge not.

Recommended Reading/Viewing:

The Bible



Early Christian Writings



Dr. Jordan Peterson’s Biblical Series



Stefan Molyneux’s  “Universally Preferable Behaviour”



Animal Farm”





4 thoughts on “Welcome to Symtheism

    1. Well, it’s not that it’s not rational for non-westerners just that other traditions might be more rational for them since they’re immersed in a culture with a different tradition. Westerners are already immersed in the Judaeo/Christian tradition therefore it makes the most sense for them to follow these traditions. Of course, other traditions have their own symbolic representations and Symtheism could be applied to them as well, but I think a lot of them already see their religions that way although I’m not an expert in eastern/African/native american/etc. religions by any stretch of the imagination. I should point out that I’m not an “expert” in religion at all, I’m an engineer that was an atheist but decided to look into religion from scratch and after spending a few thousand hours studying became what I call a Proto-Christian although I’m having second thoughts on that and may end up being what I’m calling a Symbolic Christian. Time will tell.

      Are you really that sloppy?


      1. Dune is a great movie, but the books are better as is typically the case. The series is somewhat relevant to Symtheism in that religious zealotry is a persistent nemesis to humanity including the Butlerian Jihad and the Freemen conquest of the known universe. Symtheism, I would hope, would be resistant to zealous application.


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